Cranio Swelling

It was a long day today, with not much to report. Ava seems very drugged up and she’s intermittently sleeping and then trying to sit up and pull out all her tubes…

She’s still not eating (a bit concerning, but apparently does happen), and keeps throwing up whenever she’s awake.

I knew these few days would be tough. We’re doing our best and Monk’s definitely been doing his part…

I’ll report in tomorrow when I have more time and better news. I’m anticipating worse swelling but better energy from her. Craniosynostosis surgery typically involves a lot of swelling and black eyes (and Ava’s was a full vault reconstruction). Stay tuned… and thanks for checking in.

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20 Responses to Cranio Swelling

  1. Amy says:

    William did not eat for 3 days after his surgery and even then it was barely anything. They told us he could go a week before they would intervene. All the IV fluids apparently are enough. Will’s swelling was the most on post-op days 2 and 3. He was medicated with morphine for a few days and then to tylenol. Make sure they slowly wean her off the morphine. It took us a day to figure out he was having withdrawal symptoms after they stopped it. These few days after surgery are difficult but you just have to get through it and then Ava will be back to her normal self. Don’t be in a hurry to discharge! Hang in there, you guys are doing so well. I can’t stop thinking about you. Please give Ava an extra kiss for me and Will. We love her. Love, Amy

  2. Janet says:

    Fiona also didn’t eat for 3 days, she just didn’t want anything, her swelling reached the peak at day 3, day 4 she opened an eye and was much happier, she was also happy once all the tubes came out and I was able to push her around in the stroller.
    Each day will get better. Sending you all positive thoughts and prayers. Love Janet

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