Sumo Girl

I wasn’t going to post an entry today, but after a few phone calls of concern I realized I’ve got people relying on these updates now! Forget about sleep… duty calls!

Ava’s doing better today. Thanks everybody for asking.

She still looks like our little sumo wrestler but she’s starting to become more active. When we went in this morning, she was sitting up in the middle of the nursing station in a highchair having some yogurt, and yelling and pointing at all the other babies laying in their beds.

That’s my girl.

The nurse smiled and said to me, “I’d say she’s turned a bit of a corner wouldn’t you?”.

She has, and it’s been GREAT… We didn’t get much more food into her for the rest of the day, and she was still sick twice (my fleece jacket will never be the same), but her personality is returning.

That might sound like a strange thing to say in regards to her medical recovery, but when a toddler with so MUCH personality is hiding quietly behind her stuffed monkey and peering at you out of the corner of eye for hours on end, it’s a very morose feeling…

Today though – different story. She didn’t want any of her juice this afternoon (because again – she was on a hunger strike), so she grabbed the sippy cup and hid it behind her monk when I wasn’t looking.

Vintage Ava.

I know we’re not completely through the woods, but I can see the clearing. As the doctors were taking the last tube out of her head today Ava’s crocodile tears while she clung on to me just about finished me off…

They’ve been giving her hydro-morphine which I think is what’s making her sick, and she’s very itchy (as you can tell in the photo). I’m hoping they’ll wean her off that in the next day or two and we may be able to bring her back to the hotel tomorrow or Tuesday. I’m not in a hurry to have her released, and I’ve made that very clear.

They wanted to do a CT Scan this afternoon and gave us the option of doing it while she’s sleeping, or giving her anesthetic.

Ummm…… yeah… we’ll take sleeping thanks!

Unfortunately when Ava finally did fall asleep, there was an emergency CT that bumped us and they told us we’d have to do the anesthetic.

I stood my ground and said not today. You can do it tomorrow if you need to anesthetize her but I don’t want her having more anesthetic this soon. The nurses were understanding, but I know they’re under pressure to try and get these things done in a certain time line (it’s not my first time at this rodeo).

Hopefully tomorrow they can do the CT while she sleeps.

So that’s it from Toronto tonight… If we don’t check in tomorrow, it’s not because we’re not okay. It’s because we have CT Scans, helmet fittings and nanna flying in.

Oh – and mommy’s busy bonding with her cheeky-monkey-sumo girl.  We’ll be back soon!! Much love and gratitude to all of you.

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90 Responses to Sumo Girl

  1. Angie says:

    I’m so glad that I checked on you one more time before going to bed. Yay on the personality returning. I’m sitting here in tears for what all this precious little girl has gone through, the lovely song that you have playing also helps in the waterworks department. More (((hugs))) to all of you.
    Thank you for updating, I look forward to seeing Ava and hearing about how she is doing.

  2. kari sawyer says:

    yes i have been checking ALL day today for an update with a worry feeling when there is nothing – so thankyou for your write up . she looks amazing and so happy to hear about her sitting up and slowly getting back to herself 🙂 and yes the song you have playing does make the waterworks work very well . hugs to all of you

  3. lynda says:

    Oh you can just see her spirit shining through in these pictures. You are on my mind and in my heart everyday. Sending you all big hugs, Lynda

  4. Brita Cloghesy-Devereux says:

    Keep blogging Melissa, we’re checking in daily. You write beautifully. I love your conversational style – and humour. How you manage to focus and open your heart during this intense, difficult period, is beyond me. With each new blog, your courage and incredible strength burn through like the sub-Saharan sun…

    Give Ava a big hug from us, we’re thinking of you all 🙂

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